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Frequently Asked Questions about Yewbarrow House Gardens

How large is the garden?
4 ½ acres, of which about half is woodland.

What are the growing conditions?
The garden faces south-east. The soil is free-draining loam and is neutral - i.e. not particularly acid or alkaline. We apply a mulch of 50 tons of horse manure to the soil each year. The climate in Grange is sunnier and drier than in the rest of Cumbria. Rainfall here is about 40 inches a year. We get between 30 and 60 ground frosts each winter, with the temperature sometimes falling to as low as -7C in the greenhouse.

How do your sub-tropical plants survive the winter?
The really tender plants such as the Dahlias and Aeoniums are brought indoors for the winter but most of the tender plants are left outside, unprotected.

They survive because of the excellent drainage, because the sharp frosts are usually followed by warm sunny days and because of the shelter provided by the surrounding woodland.

Do you have any help in the garden?
Yes, we have a part-time gardener.

When was the garden made and which are your favourite plants?
Apart from the kitchen garden, the entire garden has been developed since we bought the house in the autumn of 1999. When we arrived the gardens were badly overgrown, so much so that the view of the Bay was completely obscured by overgrown trees. The first job was to get permission to cut down 42 trees and to erect a fence around the perimeter to keep out the rampaging deer. Since then we have developed one part of the garden each year:

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Cautionary Note:
We are sure that all our our visitors will be sensible and will take care on the slippery paths and steps. Please note that the garden is full of hazards, not least the spikes of the Agaves and other tropical plants. Some plants, especially the lavenders and echiums will be covered in bees, so there is a danger of bee stings if the bees are disturbed. These gardens are visited at the visitor’s own risk and no liability is accepted by the owners for any injury or damage which may be suffered, howsoever caused.

Jonathan and Margaret Denby

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